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The 2009 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT 2009) will be jointly held with the 2009 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence at the University of Milano Bicocca, Milano, Italy, and it will be sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics (TCII), the Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC), and ACM-SIGART.

IAT 2009 will provide a leading international forum to bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields, such as computer science, information technology, business, education, human factors, systems engineering, and robotics, to (1) examine the design principles and performance characteristics of various approaches in intelligent agent technology, and (2) increase the cross fertilization of ideas on the development of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems among different domains. By encouraging idea-sharing and discussions on the underlying logical, cognitive, physical, and sociological foundations as well as the enabling technologies of intelligent agents, IAT 2007 will foster the development of novel paradigms and advanced solutions in agent based computing. The joint organization of IAT 2009 and WI 2009 will provide an opportunity for technical collaboration beyond the two distinct research communities. A doctoral mentoring program will be also organized.

Tibor Bosse, Rianne van Lambalgen, Peter-Paul van Maanen, and Jan Treur
Attention Manipulation for Naval Tactical Picture Compilation

Nicola Basilico, Nicola Gatti, Thomas Rossi, Sofia Ceppi, and Francesco Amigoni
Extending Algorithms for Mobile Robot Patrolling in the Presence of Adversaries to More Realistic Settings



        The conference will take place at the University of Milano Bicocca, Milano, the industrial and business capital of Italy. (

      IAT 2009 bwill be co-located with the 2009 IEEE/ACM/WIC International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI2009).

        Each day, either in the morning (before parallel meeting sessions begin) or just after the lunch hour, there will be a keynote presentation (plenary session) to all the attendance. Some keynote presentations will be held jointly with the IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2009). A rough plan is to have 2-3 joint keynote speakers, plus 2-3 WI related invited speakers and 2-3 IAT related invited speakers, respectively. 

       IAT 2009 also welcomes Tutorial proposals, and will include tutorials providing in-dept background on subjects that are of broad interest to Web intelligence communities. Both short (2 hours) and long (half day) tutorial will be considered. The tutorials will be part of the main conference technical program and open to all attendees. Therefore, there will not be a separate tutorials registration fee (i.e., only one conference registration covers everything).

       IAT 2009 also welcomes Workshop proposals. As an important part of the conference, the workshop program will focus on new research challenges and initiatives.  All papers accepted for workshops will be included in the Workshop Proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press and will be available at the workshops. Detailed information will be available at the conference homepage.

NOTE: as in previous editions of the IAT/WI conferences there will not be a separate workshop or tutorial registration fee. One conference registration will include all workshops and tutorials.

To receive an invitation letter for Visa purposes, please send an email to the address with the subject VISA. Please specify your Name, Surname, Afiilliation, Full Adress, Paper id, Title and Authurs of the paper you will present at the WI / IAT 2009 conference.




Access to the Internet from any public place in Italy is strictly regulated by the Italian Law. To speed up the generation aof a personal userid and password, we kindly ask every attendee to provide personal data and to send an image copy of her/his passport by following the instructions specified at this link: